Temperature sensor for duct, pipe and external use. SNTC Temperature sensors are employed in heating and air conditioning systems for both civil and industrial purposes. Connected to the relevant controllers they allow detecting and controlling room, immersion, duct and outside temperature. The sensors detect temperature through a sensing element, whose ohm value varies according to the detected unit. Each sensor is characterized by the sensing element type, which determines its ohm/°C function, and by the application.
All sensors are provided with a negative temperature  coefficient sensing element (ohm value increases when the temperature decreases). All sensors must be connected to the controller by means of two wires, in order to receive the ohm signal generated by the corresponding sensing element. SNTC sensors use two different 10kOhm NTC thermistor with different temperature range and characteristic for controller OmniaPro (SNTC-xL) and for controller Multipro (SNTC).