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Relative Humidity transmitters are used in air conditioning for the measurement of % Relative Humidity. All the transmitters detect the humidity value to be measured through a capacitive sensing element, whose signal, linearized and amplified, is transformed into either a voltage output signal (0...10 V-) and  a current (4 .. 20 mA) output signal. In the models equipped with temperature sensors, a Balco, NTC and PTC resistance is the sensing element.
TU-A and TUTA are for room application, instead TU-D and TUT-D are for duct applications.


Duct Temperature & Humidity Transmitter
TU.D consist of an IP55 thermoplasitc case including wiring terminal block and of a tube with vents suitable to fit into the air duct
TU.D are available without temperature sensor (TU-D32) and with or temperature sensor (TUTD32)  that can be Balco, NTC 10 kOhm or PTC 1 kOhm.
Power Supply is 24 Vac.


Room Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Relative humidity measurement is preformed with an active sensor providing an output signal (voltage or current); temperature measurement is preformed by a passive thermistor NTC 10KΩ.
A unique feature of the sensor is its ability to automatically detect what sort of controller input it is connected to, 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc, removing the requirement for output jumpers which can be inadvertently set incorrectly. 

Power Supply is 24Vac or 24 Vdc.