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Electronic controller for fan-coil with ModBus communication. AXCU22/WMB is an electronic fan-coil controller designed to control valves with on-off actuators, electrical heaters if
present and the three fan speeds. Once the unit has been set correctly, it controls the following fan coil units:
  • 2 pipes
  • 2 pipes with electric heaters
  • 4 pipes
  • independent wall thermostat
  • ceiling-mounted installations
  • floor-mounted fan coil installations
In all cases, automatic control of the three fan speeds based on the offset between the ambient temperature and the
set point.
Moreover AXCU22/WMB allows network connectivity: through serial TTL connection in fact it is possible to get an interface with RS485 network using the proper converter module TTL-RS 485 (AXCU/BA() directly on a PC or PLC. The