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ControlBOX is our innovative solution of metering systems for heating and cooling.
ControlBOX systems from Controlli are turn-the-key panels, ready to be installed in the wall.
Fluid can either be hot or chilled water. Each ControlBOX panel includes an heat meter, PT500 temperature sensors, 2way or 3way zone valve, 2 flow meters (for hot and for chilled water), electrical pull box with IP55 rate protection, pipes, gaskets, strainers and all the necessary fittings and accessories.
Room temperature can be controlled by a thermostat or a chronothermostat.
Our heat meters consist of a microprocessor controlled calculator, two temperature sensors for the supply and return flows, and a flow sensor. A large display constantly
shows the energy consumption. Additional data can be easily displayed by scanning three display loops. The integrated E²PROM automatically stores all data several times a
day. Consumption can be read locally on the meters or transmitted to a remote data& nbsp;station (via M-Bus connectivity). All ControlBOX are suitable to 6 Bar maximum pressure and 90°C maximum temperature.